slips, slipping, slipped
1) VERB If you slip, you accidentally slide and lose your balance.

He had slipped on an icy pavement...

Be careful not to slip.

2) VERB If something slips, it slides out of place or out of your hand.

His glasses had slipped...

[V prep/adv] The hammer slipped out of her grasp.

3) VERB If you slip somewhere, you go there quickly and quietly.

[V adv/prep] Amy slipped downstairs and out of the house...

[V adv/prep] She slipped into the driving seat and closed the door.

4) VERB If you slip something somewhere, you put it there quickly in a way that does not attract attention.

[V n prep] I slipped a note under Louise's door...

[V n prep] He found a coin in his pocket and slipped it into her collecting tin...

[V n with adv] Just slip in a piece of paper.

5) VERB If you slip something to someone, you give it to them secretly.

[V n n] Robert had slipped her a note in school...

[V n to n] She looked round before pulling out a package and slipping it to the man.

6) VERB To slip into a particular state or situation means to pass gradually into it, in a way that is hardly noticed.

[V into n] It amazed him how easily one could slip into a routine...

[V into n] There was 50-50 chance that the economy could slip back into recession.

7) VERB If something slips to a lower level or standard, it falls to that level or standard.

[V to/from/by amount/n] Shares slipped to 117p...

[V to/from/by amount/n] The club had slipped to the bottom of Division Four...

[V amount] In June, producer prices slipped 0.1% from May...

Overall business activity is slipping.

N-SING: oft N in n
Slip is also a noun.

...a slip in consumer confidence.

8) VERB If you slip into or out of clothes or shoes, you put them on or take them off quickly and easily.

[V into/out of n] She slipped out of the jacket and tossed it on the couch...

[V n with on/off] I slipped off my woollen gloves.

9) N-COUNT A slip is a small or unimportant mistake.

We must be well prepared, there must be no slips.

10) N-COUNT: oft N of n A slip of paper is a small piece of paper.

...little slips of paper he had torn from a notebook...

I put her name on the slip. card slips.

11) N-COUNT A slip is a thin piece of clothing that a woman wears under her dress or skirt.
12) N-COUNT: usu sing, N of a n If you refer to someone as a slip of a girl or a slip of a boy, you mean they are small, thin, and young. [INFORMAL]

He's a mere slip of a lad compared to his brother...

She was just a slip of a thing.

13) See also Freudian slip
14) PHRASE: V inflects If you give someone the slip, you escape from them when they are following you or watching you. [INFORMAL]

He gave reporters the slip by leaving at midnight.

15) PHRASE: let inflects If you let slip information, you accidentally tell it to someone, when you wanted to keep it secret.

I bet he let slip that I'd gone to America.

16) PHRASE: V and N inflect If something slips your mind, you forget about it.

The reason for my visit had obviously slipped his mind.

17) slip through your fingerssee finger
slip of the tonguesee tongue
Phrasal Verbs:

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